Mentoring and outreach

Please see below for details on the mentoring and outreach activities I am involved with. Feel free to contact me if you are an aspiring astrophysicist!

Supernova Foundation

I am a mentor for the Supernova Foundation, a mentoring network for young women and gender minorities who are looking to pursue careers in Physics.

Outreach videos and news

5-min video summarising my latest publication:
'External gas accretion provides a fresh gas supply to the active S0 galaxy NGC 5077'
and a short news article for the general public

ATHENA X-ray observatory video for the promotion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

KIF - Kvinder i Fysik

I am a member of KIF, a Danish network for women in physics. KIF aims to promote fairness, gender equity and visibility of women in physics through outreach and networking events.

Read my interview with KIF here.